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Mike Long Garden Design – providing cutting edge garden design across Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and north Essex.


Your garden design starts the moment you begin to think about it. As someone who has begun to think about their outdoor space, you may know what impact you want to achieve in your garden but find yourself lost for ideas, creative solutions and  inspiration. Our specialist garden design team, led by Award Winning landscaper Mike Long will visit your garden and work alongside a detailed brief to help realise your vision.

After many years of offering garden design as part of what Genesis Landscapes do we have now branched off and formed ‘Mike Long Garden Design’ which, although affiliated with Genesis Landscapes, serves as its own business. Mike Long Garden Design takes our clients through a detailed design process, from site visits and drawing up concepts to project managing the build, working together with clients and contractors to achieve a result all can be proud of.

For further information please visit and read about the steps involved in creating your perfect outdoor space. The image gallery illustrates just some of the garden design projects Mike Long Garden Design have been involved with in recent years.


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Our team are experienced, knowledgable and have all the tools available to help you realise your gardens full potential. If you're interested in having your space transformed and making the most of outdoor living, please get in touch with us here