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Kingsize Fairstone Patio – Duchess Drive, Newmarket

Kingsize Fairstone Patio


Our clients had owned their home for a couple of years before deciding to make their own mark on it. A modern couple with young children, our clients enjoy the use of large spaces to play and relax.



Our clients originally came to us for a design that would give them a large contemporary hard standing. They needed space for the children to play on scooters whilst maintaining a large portion of lawn for a football pitch! After looking at both decking and patio examples, they decided to go for a large patio.



The patio solution was around 150m2 and made best use of a rectilinear design. To complement the use of lines and contemporary finishes, we installed a Marshalls Fairstone Kingsize paving.These paving slabs are 1000mm x 750mm and were laid in a traditional brick stacked pattern, this choice of pattern stops the space looking so vast and empty during winter months. The garden also included a retaining wall which we doubled up as a large planter, white in colour and finished in a high end silicone based render. This planter was specifically designed to stand the test of time and compliments our original brief to create a timeless, modern design. Lighting was installed into the planter walls and on the house, creating effective mood lighting to illuminate outside dining in the summer months.


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